Doomsday Preview

All religions are acknowledged on the Day of Resurrection. Doomsday picture often portrayed by the literature that there is a natural disaster and termat powerful at that time of life on earth will perish from all the living things that residents.

Internet site currently allows users to share information, be it writing, images, and videos, also used by some people to publish the picture of the Hour. One of the doomsday picture made in the form of video is now published sisalah a video sharing site youtube.

In the impressions that can be witnessed in the video, seen a big flood that hit the earth, and was described as a situation where the Hour has come, and ready to destroy civilization in the world.

Resurrection is one of the most interesting issue recently after the 2012 appearance of the movie Resurrection, and the information from a variety of scientific research about the coming solar storm that also predicted to occur between the years 2012 to 2016.

Resurrection images are probably different dibenak every human being, but certainly a doom that will be recognized by all religions, meruapakan a very scary situation, and at that time the world civilization will be destroyed by a disaster, but so far a disaster what would happen in the Day of Resurrection, can not be clearly predicted by the human race.

Doomsday picture is not the funny pictures, and can not be regarded as a very funny story, because this is sure to happen, but when the time, probably none of the human race knows.

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