[Trick] How to Married with Bill Gates Children

A father very much wanted his son to become the husband of the daughter of Bill Gates. Finally, all the way did she go to meet these targets.

Dad: Son, I want you to marry a woman's choice of Father
Son: Sorry, Dad! I'm just going to marry her own choice
Father: But, my son, this woman is her son Bill Gates
Child: Oh, Really, Dad? Kalo gitu, Ok, deh!

The next day, the father approaches Bill Gates

Father: I've chosen for your child's future husband
Bill Gates: But my son was too young to get married now.
Father: Weits, wait a minute. I chose the candidate who is
is Vice President of the World Bank
Bill Gates: Ah, you Serious?? Well, Ok,!

Finally, the father approached the World Bank President

Father: I have a young child who could be Vice President for you
President: Oh, sorry, I already have a lot of VP candidates for the
Dad: But you do not know, do you, boy this is his son-Bill Gates
President: Ah, you Serious? Kalo so, Ok!

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