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Taufik Hidayat Quiting National Badminton Team
After 13 years of service, which culminated in an Olympic gold medal, shuttler Taufik Hidayat announced Friday his resignation from the national training camp in Jakarta.
“My decision to resign is final. It’s not an impulse or emotional decision. I’ve been thinking about quitting the national team since 2004, after I won at the Athens Olympics,” he said. “However, people kept on encouraging me to stay in the national team, considering my potential and my youth. Therefore I stayed until 2008.”
In 2001, Taufik threatened to quit the training camp because of Mulyo’s exclusion. Mulyo is his mentor. He only rejoined the national team after the PBSI agreed to reinstate Mulyo. In 2004, Taufik made yet another threat to quit, and again backed down from it.
“It’s time for younger players to take the baton. I’m giving way to them. It’s all about regeneration in Indonesian badminton,” he said.

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