Example of Procedure Text about Car

Example of Procedure Text

title : How to wash a Car

First, The materials needed are a sachet of car shampoo, a sponge/a sheet of cloth, plas chamois,and water.

Then,Prepared water, moisten the body of car.make sure that all of the body became

Next, a sachet of car shampoo is poured into 2-3 liter of pure water.Then, the mixture is stirred up by using a hand.

After that, the car is cleaned up by using a sponge with the mixture of shampoo and pure water.Next, the body is rinsed off by water, till it is clean.

that's all about example of procedure text, thanks

Finally, dried up the body by using a plas chamois.When the body looks shine, the car is ready to be used.It is easy, isn’t it??,....

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