Point Blank Cheat Trainer v1.1


At this opportunity I would like to apologize once to friends who have been looking Cheat Point Blank but I can not fulfill it because of the Cheat you of very difficult to solve.

Point Blank Cheat Trainer V1.1 Update October 10, 2010

But this time I want to share anymore Cheat Trainer V1.1 Point Blank namely that has been modified by my friends on the forum and I have done has been successfully tested and is already in test Cheat virus total so do not worry with this Cheat.

If you want to use Cheat Point Blank that it please you first downloaded via the link below.


Features Cheat :
  • F9 function to Wallshot
  • To Insert we use to Activate Minimize
  • Minimize To turn off the function you can use the Delete key on your keyboard

Press the Hotkey on the Program / her to the Cheat computer / laptop beeps Beep / Tung / Ding / Dung. and Point  Blank Cheat Trainer V1.1 requires an additional application of the Net Framework 3.5 you should download itself through its official website.
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